BD Releases New 6.0 Powerstroke Exhaust Manifolds

30th Dec 2013


Exhaust manifolds made from thick walled high temperature ductile iron, coated to resist corrosion and pre drilled for pyrometer probes.
The new heavy walled manifold holds in exhaust gas temperatures to enhance turbine pumping efficiency. The runners have been ported to improve velocity and evacuate the cylinders. Manifolds are coated to resist corrosion and are pre-drilled for pyrometer probes.
These units replace the old rusted and leaking stock exhaust manifolds that normally require extensive cleaning and machine work to be recovered from warping and distortion. The manifold set comes with both passenger & driver’s side units and feed pipe mounting hardware.
With the stock manifolds considered a maintenance item due to corrosion and leaking, this set is an excellent preventative replacement item whenever doing other engine work..
Manifold gaskets, bolts and spacers not included in kit but can be obtained from OEM if required – gaskets are recommended.

COMING SOON 6.4L UpPipes designed to adapt to these superior 6.0L manifolds!