2003 Ford 6.0 Powerstroke Overheats, Should I Reconnect EGR Valve?

22nd Dec 2016

Q. 2003 F350 6.0 Egr delete kit whole 9 yds except head studs runs cool until I hookup and haul my Toyhauler then temp reaches 210 way to hot for me,plus it pukes water out the resivoir! After operating Temp one day shut truck off had son start truck and held cooling fan u know the result I held fan from spinning.Question is should i just purchase a new Egr valve plug it in lay it in the valley so it will let fan come on when it reaches temp thats needed to cool engine or purchase the 7.3 to 6.0 conversion kit to a manual clutch fan? It also runs hot in this Nevada summer when temps reach 105-11,your help in this matter will be deeply appreciated Thanks"Boomer"

A.  Hi Boomer,

The egr valve does need to be plugged in on some trucks for the clutch fan to operate properly.  Don't ask my why exactly.  It must complete the circuit of a shared ground or something with the clutch fan.  I would suggest plugging an egr valve in and then having someone with a scan tool actuate the fan clutch to see if it is working properly.  The lack of an egr valve may be your whole issue.