6.0 Powerstroke Excursion Won't Start After Filter Change

4th Jan 2017

Q - Hi, ok so I'm stumped. After reading pretty much all your tech articles about the 6.0 and following your recommendation of changing the oil every 5k and fuel filters every 10k I came across a problem today that is odd. I changed the fuel filters now for the 3rd time myself, but after yesterday's change the Excursion first ran, then ran rough and then stalled. After double checking everything (leaks, gaskets, connectors) I saw when checking the secondary fuel filter that is was still completely dry. I did the cycling the key now for at least 20 times, but no fuel seems to be getting to the secondary filter even though I can hear the pump priming. Any ideas you'd be willing to share. Thank you

A - I would obviously start by making sure there is fuel in the tank, which I bet you already have checked.  If the fuel level is good, check the lines that connect to the filter housing and make sure didn't get cracked when removing the filters.  As you said you checked the filter cap and oring to make sure they are tight, so that only really leaves the pump.  If the pump is weak it may not be able to pick up prime again.  Sometimes you can take compressed air and VERY Gently pressurize the fuel tank to force fuel up the pump.  This sometimes will get you started in a pinch, but I'm guessing that you need a new pump.