Ford 6.4 Powerstroke Diesel Making Strange Turbo Noises

9th Jan 2017

Q - Hi, I have a 2008 Ford f250 6.4 turbo diesel. My problem is it has no power and when I start it after it idles for about a minute it sounds like something gets stuck and then the turbo starts to whine or sounds like it's struggling. Any ideas? Im thinking new turbo

A - I would start by checking all the intercooler boots to make sure there isn't one blown or leaking.  That might be the whine you are hearing.  I would also check the exhaust pipes going up to the turbo from the manifolds and make sure one isn't broken, cracked, or possibly leaking near the back pressure sensor.  I would also run a diagnostics with a scan tool to see if the turbo mechanisms are operating properly.  Also, the obvious thing would also be to pull the intake tube and make sure the wheel feels tight in the turbo charger as well.