Get Your Summer Rocking with a Free POD Bluetooth Speaker this June!

Get Your Summer Rocking with a Free POD Bluetooth Speaker this June!

1st Jun 2016

About a year ago we received one of these POD Bluetooth Speakers in the mail as gift with an order we had placed. Shortly after it came we were all fighting over who got to use it next. If you have never used a Bluetooth speaker before, it’s an amazing little piece of technology. The speaker uses a Bluetooth connection with your phone, tablet, laptop, ipod, or desktop pc.

You turn the speaker on, find the Bluetooth section on your device, and then select the POD speaker. That’s it you’re connected. You can then play any music or audio from your device wirelessly. It’s perfect for working in the garage, camping, on the deck, in the kitchen, or anywhere you would like to listen to some music.

We have been through a pile of these types of speakers in the past few years. Why do we love this one so much? First, the battery lasts forever. The manufacturer states 20 hours of battery life. I have used one for a week, for several hours each day, without charging. A lot of the other kinds we have tried can barely go an hour or two without charging.

Second great thing about this speaker is that is sounds really good. Has decent base and is really clear. Some of the others we have tried sound like they are in a tin can and don’t project very well. This POD Speaker fills a room nicely.

Lastly, besides being water resistant and shock proof, this speaker also has a USB port for charging you phone or tablet. This has been a life saver for me when I’m working somewhere that I don’t have any place to plug in. I really haven’t noticed diminished battery life when charging a cell phone.

Because we loved these speakers so much we decide to run a promotion to help others get their summer rocking. Because they are a higher quality, longer life speaker they are one of the more expensive ones on the market at $99. For the month of June, if you purchase $500 worth of any products online or over the phone, you can purchase a speaker for $50 off. If you purchase $1,000 of any products, we will send you a POD Bluetooth Speaker absolutely free with your order. You can’t beat that. We have a limited supply of these and when they are gone we might not have any more for a while.  A speaker will be automatically added to your order when you reach the order levels.

Just to show we are good sports you can win one of these without buying anything. We will send out a couple of these each week to those that like, share, tweet, or otherwise post or repost any information about the promotion. So help us spread the word!

P.S. If you just want to buy one because they are so awesome, you can see the speaker in our store here: POD Bluetooth Speaker