How Hard is the 6.4 Powerstroke EGR Coolers to Remove

4th Jan 2017

Q - I have a ford 2010 6.4 I live in Baja mexico for 10 months out of the year. I've alrady done the DPF delete with Flow Pro added a cold air box with X-4 tuner and now I'm still getting crappy mileage? How complicated is it for me to add the EGR delete or block off? I'm concerned that this is above my pay grade to do but am wanting to get it done either now or when i drive north next summer

A - The removal of the coolers is a pretty straight procedure as outlined in any shop manual for those trucks.  It can be a real bugger though.  The mounting bolts and flange bolts on the lower cooler can be challenging as they sometimes are hard to remove and their isn't much room in there.  When these come in the shop for a cooler change the standard labor time is about 9-10 hours to change both of them.  Sometimes it can be done faster, but it's not too far off.