How not to ask a question and how to help us help you.

28th Feb 2017

On a daily basis we get emails from folks looking for information on a varying range of topics.  We get three kinds of questions.  The first is a normal sentence or two stating the problem with an ask for a suggestion.  The second is the story book.  Those ones usually start with the first day the owner bought the truck and documentation of every oil change and fuel fill up.  Too much information to get an answer to a usually simple question.  Then there are ones like this:

"Engine blew head gaskets how much labor cost to change engines"

That is a real email that came in the past couple of days.  That was it.  As much as we would like to help this person, we have no idea what truck brand or engine he is asking about. Next is he local and trying to schedule shop work or is he far away just looking for an idea of what the cost should be when he goes to a garage to get it done?  Are we talking about swapping a long block, short block, rebuilding, or just doing head gaskets?  There are far too many variables for us to even begin to answer.  Which will require us to ask several questions back before we can even begin to answer his question.  Glad to help, but most of the time questions that come in that are this vague just get deleted.  

If you want help with your truck, please let us know what brand and year truck you are asking about.  Give us enough information that we can help you but we don't need to know how many gallons of fuel you used in the past twelve years or the tread depth of your tires if you are asking about the turbo.