Turbo Boot Keeps Blowing Off On 6.0 Powerstroke

4th Jan 2017

Q - My turbo boot keeps blowing off the turbo around 50 mph what could it be

A - It could be a few different things.  I would first take a look at the hose itself.  Has it become soaked with oil?  If they get like that it's hard to get them to clamp down and hold.  Next take a look at the end of the intercooler pipe.  Sometimes they will get coned on the end from the clamp squeezing them.  If everything seems ok with the pipe and boot, you might have some sort of overboost situation.  You shouldn't see more than about 30 psi max out of those engines even with a tuner.  If your boost is going way over that, you may have a stuck turbo, bad exhaust backpressure sensor, or leaking up pipes.