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Engine Rebuild Kits

Looking for an affordable way to restore your vehicle's engine to like-new condition? If your engine has failed or is showing signs of wear, a rebuild may be the cost-effective solution you're looking for.  Rebuilding your engine can be less expensive than purchasing a remanufactured one, especially if your heads, block, and crankshaft are still in good shape.

If the cylinders in your engine block have wear that puts it beyond the spec for your bore size, you can have a machine shop bore the engine out to the next larger size piston available.  You would need to take your engine block to a machine shop and have them measure it to let you know what size bore they think it will clean up at.  If you cylinder bores are in good shape, you can just do a light hone and order standard pistons.

If you check the crankshaft journals for wear, many times you will find they are within spec unless you had a bearing failure.  If a journal is damaged or showing extreme wear, a machine shop can turn the crank down and you will need to order thicker oversize bearings to take up this difference. 

We offer to different types of kits:

Full Rebuild Kit – Includes everything you need to rebuild your engine.  New pistons are included along with all bearings and gaskets needed.

ReRing Kit – A rering kit is exactly the same as the full rebuild kit except it does not include new pistons.  This kit is for applications where the pistons that were in the engine are reusable.

It is recommended to always change the oil pump when rebuilding an engine.  Also, if you have torque to yield head bolts, they should never be reused.

If you have any questions about configuring your engine kit or need something special put together, please give us a call.  We have many options that may not be listed online.