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Head Gasket Kits

Our head gasket kit is designed to provide a comprehensive solution for engine head gasket failures. The kit includes all the necessary components such as head gaskets, valve seals, and various gaskets required for the repair.

It is important to note that most modern engines have torque to yield head bolts that should not be reused, as they are prone to stretching and may not hold their clamping torque on the head gasket, which can lead to gasket failure. For optimal results, we recommend using a new set of stock head bolts.

However, if you are running a high-performance engine or frequently subject your vehicle to heavy-duty workloads, we suggest upgrading to a set of head studs. Our selection includes renowned brands like ARP, which offer head studs with higher tensile strength and better clamp load on the cylinder head/gasket, ensuring superior performance and durability.