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Agricultural Diesel Products

Ag Diesel Solutions is based in Southern Indiana, right in the middle of farmland USA. Being in the heartland gives us extensive opportunities to work with the growers, one on one out in the field to prove our products are delivering the real world results that all of our customers have grown to expect from Ag Diesel Solutions. We understand that the bottom line of each operation is getting tighter each and every year and farms need to run as efficiently as possible to make it in this ever evolving agriculture market.


We are committed to you on the farm, worksite and over the road to provide superior quality products with the established service and integrities that you have grown to expect from us here at Ag Diesel Solutions. Through constant product innovations and engineering development, we are proud to be a part of improving the working efficiencies of your operation each and every day.

PSI Power

PSI Power, Inc., the parent company of Ag Diesel Solutions, is located in rural Southern, Indiana and has grown and evolved to keep up with the ever changing electronics industry. Every product that we make is built here in Newburgh, IN. During product manufacturing, our products go through testing and quality control check points to verify that all key components are built to proper specifications and standards.

PSI Power, Inc. has a full staff of engineers that drive projects from conception through implementation.