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ATS Diesel Performance

Founded by Clint Cannon in 1993, ATS Diesel Performance has earned a reputation for industry leading design and manufacturing processes. Beginning with our groundbreaking Triple Disk Torque Converter design, the TripleLok® Torque Converter, which quickly became the industry benchmark, to our cutting edge TRANSlator™ CAN-Bridge integration system, ATS Diesel Performance has been a constant innovator in an industry that is fueled by competition.

ATS Diesel Performance is located in Arvada, Colorado, at the base of the Rocky Mountains. Our location allows us to test our products under extreme conditions; year round temperatures range from -10° to over 100° and elevations can exceed 12,000 feet above sea level within a short drive of our facility. This combination of factors ensures that we are able to measure performance and functionality in the wide range of conditions that our customers will encounter in real world use.