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DFC Diesel

DFC Diesel Engines redefines the way remanufactured diesel performance engines are perceived. Established in 2010, their mission is to provide the highest quality engines along with the most comprehensive warranty in the industry. They offer a cost-effective alternative to purchasing an engine from a dealership, backed by a team of skilled professionals who share a genuine passion for quality diesel performance products and exceptional customer service.

DFC Diesel Engines' commitment to excellence is evident in the meticulous attention to detail their experts bring to every engine they remanufacture, ensuring consistent quality time and time again.

Innovative Quality You Can Trust As diesel engine materials, components, and designs evolve, DFC Diesel Engines' relentless pursuit of the highest quality product ensures they remain at the forefront of innovation. They continuously adapt to the latest technology, setting the benchmark for other companies in the industry.

Proudly Canada's Largest Diesel Remanufacturing Facility DFC Diesel Engines has grown into Canada's largest diesel remanufacturing facility, raising the bar for quality standards and pushing competitors to adopt more rigorous rebuild criteria and improve warranty coverage. They take pride in driving positive change within the industry and maintaining their position as the top provider of high-quality diesel engines.

At DFC Diesel Engines, it's not just about what they do differently - it's about why. Their team's passion, dedication, and creative energy shine through in every product they create, making their exceptional engines the ultimate reward for customers. Choose DFC Diesel Engines for unparalleled quality and performance.