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Diesel RX

DieselRx® is a leading manufacturer and supplier of glow plugs, including both metal sheath and open coil types, as well as glow plug controllers for major brands and diesel engine manufacturers worldwide. The brand is recognized as the top U.S. manufacturer of glow plugs for the automotive industry, offering an extensive line of glow plug models to choose from. DieselRx® also supplies Pump Mounted Drives / PMDs for Chevy diesel engines.

The brand's high-quality products are not limited to the automotive industry. DieselRx® is an exclusive supplier to the U.S. government for glow plugs used in the armed services' HUMVEE and also supplies controllers and relays for military diesel motors. In addition, DieselRx® manufactures and supplies the DRX-Heavy Duty Module, which provides better fuel mileage and improved engine performance for Class 8 semi trucks.

Made in the U.S.A. holds significant meaning for DieselRx®'s proud workers, and the quality of its products speaks for itself. The brand has been providing private-labeled plugs to major manufacturers for many years, and customers may already have their plugs in their vehicles.