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Dynomite Diesel

Dynomite Diesel has its roots in a small Washington State shop back in 2002, but it has since grown into a leading brand in diesel performance. Fuel injectors are the backbone of DDP's product line, and they've established a reputation for quality that sets the standard in the industry. DDP is committed to developing fuel system components that meet the needs of diesel enthusiasts, and each of their products is put through rigorous dyno-testing to ensure maximum performance.

At Dynomite Diesel, the manufacturing process is all about precision and quality control. The brand employs advanced techniques like drilling, honing, and EDM processing to ensure that every part is up to their high standards. DDP's team of highly-trained technicians oversees testing and balancing, providing detailed specifications for each nozzle or injector that leaves the shop.

What sets Dynomite Diesel apart is their dedication to research, design, and development of every product. They're intimately familiar with what diesel enthusiasts demand from their vehicles, and their products reflect that. The result is a brand that offers reliable and dyno-tested power for diesel-powered vehicles.