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Edge Products

Since its founding in 1999, Edge Products has made a name for itself as a top aftermarket performance electronics brand. It all started with their production of performance electronics for diesel trucks, but they have since expanded their offerings to include innovative products for both gas and diesel truck and SUV markets. The company's performance modules, programmers, monitors/gauges, cold-air intakes, exhaust systems, and more are available for all major vehicle manufacturers from 1996 and newer under various brand names such as Juice, Attitude, Evolution, Insight, Jammer, Amp’d, Pulsar, EZ, and Comp.

One of the things that sets Edge apart from its competitors is the unmatched user control and unique style featured in every product. Their ability to display multiple engine parameters and provide associated safety features on their in-cab monitors has revolutionized the industry. They also offer Stage Kits which bundle together a performance tuner, cold-air intakes, and exhaust systems, making it easier for consumers to upgrade their vehicles.

Edge Products has always been known for the power its modules and programmers produce, but they also prioritize delivering high-quality products with superior customer and technical support. In 2005, the company was acquired by MSD Performance, and in 2011 it became part of Powerteq LLC, which also manages the DiabloSport and Superchips brands. Powerteq LLC and its brands were later acquired by the Holley Performance Group in 2015, which provides even more resources for the company to continue developing exciting aftermarket products for years to come.