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FASS Fuel Systems

FASS Fuel Systems was founded by Brad Ekstam in 2003, after years of developing his skills and knowledge in the industry. Starting production of fuel/air separation systems in his garage, demand quickly grew, and FASS moved to its present location in Marthasville, MO. The goal has never been just a good system, but rather to exceed customers’ expectations and continue innovating for the future.

FASS Diesel Fuel Systems prioritize customer loyalty through producing the highest quality diesel fuel systems and excellent customer service with a focus on integrity and character. Complete customer satisfaction is always the top priority.

FASS Fuel Systems increase injection component life, improve fuel economy, lower EGTs and emissions, extend filter life, provide excellent cold weather starts, and boost horsepower. FASS takes pride in its filtration system, which removes all types of fuel contaminants, resulting in the cleanest fuel possible for your engine. With over 20 years of experience, FASS builds the quietest, highest-quality Fuel Air Separation Systems (FASS) and electric diesel fuel pumps available.