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Garrett Turbos

Garrett Turbos is a brand that is synonymous with engine boosting in the automotive sector. It all started with the founder, John Clifford Garrett's passion for engineering and aviation, which led him to create the Aircraft Tool and Supply Company in 1936. Since then, Garrett Turbos has been a pioneer in the turbocharging industry, developing highly-engineered technologies for gasoline and diesel engines for over 60 years.

But the brand doesn't stop there. Garrett Turbos is continuously innovating and pushing the boundaries of hybrid electrification and fuel-cell powertrains, allowing customers to set new benchmarks in vehicle performance while addressing fuel efficiency and exhaust emissions regulations. With the rise of connected and autonomous vehicles, Garrett Turbos is also ready for the future, with cybersecurity and prognostic software systems that ensure a safe operating environment.

Garrett Turbos has a rich history, and its commitment to innovation and technical excellence continues to make it a leader in the industry.