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MBRP Exhaust

MBRP Exhaust was founded by Martin and Ginger Barkey over 25 years ago with the mission to provide consumers with a reliable, high-quality, and trustworthy exhaust system. Back then, the industry lacked integrity, and performance gains were inflated, prompting the Barkeys to create a product that they themselves would trust and use. Today, MBRP continues to uphold these values, which has contributed to the company's success.

Martin and Ginger's first major break came when they displayed their fully customized Ford F-350 at the SEMA show in Las Vegas. The truck was fitted with the newest and best parts, and it caught the attention of many attendees. A magazine even asked Martin to do a photoshoot, during which he showed off his exhaust system by giving the press a thrilling performance throughout the desert, jumping over dunes, and throwing rooster tails in the sand. Martin's unique and exciting approach won over the press and helped establish MBRP's reputation in the industry.

Today, MBRP's success is not just due to Martin and Ginger but also to their employees, loyal partners, and devoted fans. MBRP promises to deliver performance aftermarket parts that are durable, sound great, and unlock the full potential of any vehicle, from supercars to diesel trucks. The company offers a variety of material types, finishes, and exit styles to cater to every customer's needs.

MBRP's commitment to quality craftsmanship and rigorous design has set it apart from its competitors over the years. With dozens of magazine covers, podium finishes, and continued diversification of product offerings, MBRP continues to innovate and provide value to its customers.