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Merchant Automotive

Merchant Automotive L.L.C. is a renowned brand in the Duramax community, founded in 2004 by Eric Merchant. Eric discovered his passion for anything with a motor while still in high school, and after working in a small shop doing brakes and alignment work, he advanced to a position at a GM dealership where he gained experience for ten years.

During his time at the dealership, Eric purchased a Duramax truck and became known as “the diesel guy” among his coworkers. He took various GM Diesel classes and increased his knowledge on these trucks, building a reputation that led to customers from all over the eastern United States coming to him for their trucks' repairs. Eric's reputation also led to the dealership backing his business and hosting dyno days and cookouts to attract diesel owners.

While building his reputation, Eric was approached by someone wanting to purchase products from him and asked for his website. At that time, Eric did not have a website, but this potential customer helped Eric build a site where he sold a few products in his spare time. This eventually led to Eric scaling up his business to a larger warehouse where he had space for service jobs as well.

Over the years, Merchant Automotive has grown to become the largest Duramax parts supplier, manufacturer, and service center globally, thanks to Eric's commitment to high-quality service and products. The company never stops innovating and is always creating new products. With nearly 20 years of experience, Merchant Automotive has created Duramax diesel experts who are always ready to assist customers with their next repair, modification, and build.