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PPE (Pacific Performance Engineering) is a brand that has been engineering innovations since its inception in 1985. The company made significant strides in improving the horsepower and torque of the Duramax diesel platform with the PPE Duramaximizer, which was developed at a time when there were no consumer performance options available for the new common-rail electronic diesel engines. The Duramaximizer was tested in the Glamis sand dunes in California, and its success sparked the beginning of the diesel revolution.

PPE's engineers continued to innovate, creating performance products that enhanced and improved the Duramax diesel platform. The team systematically found and improved the "weak links" that failed under the new high-horsepower and torque demands. With each improvement, PPE learned how to make clean, efficient power while improving fuel mileage and the driver's experience. The brand then turned its attention to the Dodge and Ford diesel platforms, expanding its product range further.

PPE is proud to offer industry-leading performance products that are, in many cases, 50 State Legal, with a focus on adhering to federal regulations for air quality. The brand understands its role in diesel performance enhancement also includes the responsibility of producing the least impact on the environment. Each of its 50 State Legal products has undergone review and testing by the California Air Resource Board to ensure that the increased performance comes with emissions levels that are Federally compliant.

Today, PPE continues to produce diesel platform innovations while expanding its product line to create a new range of intelligent, heavy-duty upgrades for vehicles such as the Jeep, Charger, and Challenger, among others. The company uses superior materials, increased performance, and functional features not available from the factory to reimagine inferior factory parts.

All PPE products are rigorously engineered, manufactured, and tested to the brand's high standards. Each product comes with a warranty ranging from one year to a limited lifetime warranty, depending on the product.