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Redhead Steering

Red-Head Steering Gears has been providing quality steering gears for 35 years. The brand was founded in 1981 by Warren Foster, a Seattle-based automotive entrepreneur who also founded Foster's Service in Georgetown, WA (now Foster's Frame & Axle) and T 'n' W Pumps in Georgetown, WA (now Foster & Snyder in Pingree, ND).

The business was later purchased by Tom Foster and Harvey Foster, who are both nephews of Warren. Tom is now retired in Arizona, while Harvey moved to Seattle in 1979 to work for Warren in his frame and axle business. Harvey's knowledge of front ends has been helpful in diagnosing steering problems.

Harvey worked at the frame and axle shop for 6 1/2 years before joining Tom at Red-Head. Over the past three decades, Harvey has built and quality tested over 60,000+ steering gears for local and nationwide customers. As Red-Head Steering Gears has grown, it continues to maintain its family owned and operated roots, hiring and training quality personnel (many who are family members) and proudly providing quality products and services to its customers.

Red-Head Steering Gears' commitment to quality is evident in the brand's products and services. The brand has built a reputation for providing top-quality steering gears that are built to last. Its team of skilled personnel, many of whom are family members, work tirelessly to maintain the brand's high standards of quality and customer service.

In conclusion, Red-Head Steering Gears is a brand that has been providing quality steering gears for over three decades. Its family owned and operated roots, combined with a commitment to quality and customer service, have made it a trusted brand in the industry. With over 60,000+ steering gears quality tested for local and nationwide customers, Red-Head Steering Gears continues to provide the highest quality steering gears available on the market.