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Air Bags/Helper Springs

If you tow with your truck I'm sure you have seen how much the rear end sags when you put a load on it.  To level the truck back out for better handling and drivability, we have several product lines to solve the issue.  The most popular solution is a set of rear air bags with a truck mounted air compressor.  This allows you to raise and lower the suspension depending on the load.  Air bags ride great and are not active when there is no load on the truck.  Another solution is a rubber suspension block that mounts in place of your bump stop.  This block will only let the suspension come down a little bit before making contact and helping to carry the load.  The third option is adding an actual helper spring to the suspension. 

We can help you pick out what solution would be best for your application and use.  We also offer installation on all the parts we sell if you need it.  Please give us a call today to find out what would be best for your truck.  



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These are the most popular brands of suspension helper springs and airbags we carry.  We have other brands and options availabe if there is something specific you are looking for.

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