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If you have ever been around the store or shop for about ten minutes you would know that we get pounded with phone calls from our future and present customers who have questions about the products we sell, maintaining or repairing their vehicles, or what upgrades to do next. We get these calls because of our reputation for giving knowledgable advice and great prices on parts. So what we have decided to do here is start writing technical articles with the answers to the questions we get asked the most. Even if you are never going to buy one thing from us, you can use this information to make informed decisions on the purchases you do make. There is nothing more painful to me than seeing good people plunk down large amounts of money on products that just don't work or they plain don't need for their goals and application. I will do my best here to explain everything I can to help you in that area. Look for new articles as I get time to sit down and type them out. Thanks again for your business.


John Anderson

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