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When you sell parts unfortunately you have to deal with many different things that can cause you to have too much inventory.  Sometimes customers order products and never pick them up.  Sometimes a customer orders a product and changes their mind.  Sometimes we order the wrong part number and get a product for the wrong application.  There are about a million different reasons why we build up a mountain of products sitting in our warehouse, but we need to get rid of all this stuff.

Since it has been handled and sitting around for a while, we are willing to let it go at a deep discount.  We need the room.  We need rid of this stuff!  Almost everything in this category is not able to be sold as "new" for some reason or another.   There are some things that we have had on the for a long time and just want to clear out.  We will do our best describe why we have the item as well as any issues there may be.

One last thing, all sales on these items are final.  We do not want this stuff back for any reason.  You will be getting a deal no doubt, but please do not expect full factory warranty support.  It may not be available depending on the item.  We will do our best to help in any situation, but these are deeply discounted closeout items.